I came across a situation today when I had a system(with critical data and softwares installed) and nobody knows the admin password of the system.

How I got into this situation is also interesting but here we are going to discuss the password issue only.


I did a little google around it and found most of the results were suggesting use of any third party tools.

It was an office system so I was restricted to not to use that and also at the same time I was dubious about their malware status.


I found an interesting post of geek.com


After reading that post I was not sure that’ll work or not because the post was not properly formattedĀ  and instruction were not very clear and complete.


With the help of our net/system AdminĀ  and Google I was able to reset the password of the machine.

It was a Windows 7 Machine

Below are the Steps I followed:

  1. Shut down the system and Remove the Boot HD from the system.
  2. Now attach that HD to another helper system (We used and Ubuntu Machine).
  3. Now go to Windows\system32 folder of that harddisk and rename UtilMan.exe to UtilMan_bkp.exe and copy CMD.exe as UtilMan.exe.
  4. Now shutdown the helper machine and remove the original HD and reattach that to original machine.
  5. Now after starting the original machine, on the login screen in left bottom corner locateĀ  “Ease of access” icon similar to this
  6. Clicking that icon will launch a Command prompt.

This command prompt’ll have full administrative privileges. So now you can reset your password by running a couple of commands.

net user administrator new_password

In our case the Admin account got disabled so we executed this command also:

net user administrator /active:yes

Ideally it should work for Windows8 also…