Are you a maker? Try most weird ideas first…

How many time you gone through these situations:

1. Hey that guy was silliest guy of my class, always asking strange/silly/weird/confusing questions.

2. Got struck in solving a problem for hours and finally it was just a silly mistake or solution you have not think that can create problem. Or being a programmer it was just a line of change.

there can be many situations similar to the above ones, one common thing is that most humans have a tendency  of being ignorant. It got generated due to the fobia of being humiliated.

Most Makers/Innovators lack this fobia. They  asks questions, they do not afraid of doing silly things.




Force open new tab in browsers instead of windows is opening new window instead of new tab


Though in all modern browsers opens a new tab instead of a new window  but in some cases it can still open new window. Like in my case on a particular test machine due to browser plug-in(ad-blocker or similar) installed and it was forcing  to open in new window. And we were told to resolve this issue programmatically, because it was working well in case of Gmail.

I did some research and found that Gmail button click was not calling it was actually an a tag click with target “_blank” so ad blocker was not doing any interruption in that and a new tab was being opened. In our case we were clicking an HTML button.

I did some research for the solution but did not get succeeded. Then I tried to post it on  “” it was already overflowed by similar queries.

Below are few links from there:


but none of them was working in my scenario. In one the above question’s comment some posted that we should create an A tag runtime with target blank and then fire its click event so it should work. But due to some browser security or so it was not working on any machine.

“Every failed attempt/step takes you closer to the success”

That suggestion rewarded me with a solution, Yes! Yes!  ideaI got a solution for this issue.

What we need to do is on button’s click we need to create a form  having target “_blank” and action value as the URL and method =”get” and then submit that.

It worked like a charm. :)

You can find complete solution in a fiddle here .


Link button “‘__doPostBack’ is undefined” Issue on IE11

ie_troll“Link button became unusable after upgrading to latest Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11).”

“Buttons not working on IE 11 and 10”

This is a common bug hunting ASP.Net webform developer after release of MS’s latest IE.

Biggest problem with this issue is that in most of the cases it surface only on production environments not on developer machines, why? I’ll tell you later. And developers remains confused why this is happening on servers only.

My colleague also became a victim of this today(I am not working on any Webform Project since couple of years ;) ). In JS console he was getting an error ‘__doPostBack’ is undefined. We found that on IE 11 the following JS code was missing from the page source.



var theForm = document.forms['form1'];
if (!theForm) {
theForm = document.form1;
function __doPostBack(eventTarget, eventArgument) {
if (!theForm.onsubmit || (theForm.onsubmit() != false)) {
theForm.__EVENTTARGET.value = eventTarget;
theForm.__EVENTARGUMENT.value = eventArgument;


After googling we found a “Hotfix” by Microsoft and another way around was to just install .net 4.5 on the machine and you ‘ll get it fixed. Most of the developers install windows updates and or they have .net4.5 installed on their machine so they do not face this issue on their own machines.

But here he had few concerns to resolve this issue in this way:

:( Hotfix was in form of an exe, and he does not have rights to install any file on server.

:( :( Server have a lot of other critical applications running so he was not in mood to install .net framework.

Here we were in a fix. We have to find a solution of this issue without doing any installation or executing any exe.


After reading the complete hotfix article and few other resources on the net I found that it was because .net framework till 4.0 does not have definitions for IE 10 and 11 and .net does not renders the postback function if it does not recognizes the browser. Actually that Hotfix adds browser definition of IE10 and IE 11 to the .net installation.

We were easy now.

We just created an App_Browsers folder at the root of that website or project and added a “.browser” file for IE 10 and 11. It resolved the issue immediately with zero impact to others ;)

I have attached the App_Browsers folder for your reference :)


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BBM for Android IOS: Break the virtual queue

BBM-For-Android-Mockup-LogoDay before yesterday Blackberry announced their famous BBM for Android and IOS. It is free app but they have created a virtual queue to decrease the load on their servers, and buy the time to increase the capacity.  I was one of the first few users so I did not faced the virtual queue. But later when I was activating the BBM on my wife’s Nexus 4 after entering the email-id(my wife’s) on the first screen I got a message to wait for some time.

I found a loophole here. If on the first screen you enter any email address which is already approved you can bypass the queue and then on the next steps you enter your email address. Like I entered my Email address on the first step then on the next screen while creating a BBM PIN I generated that using my wife’s email address.



An another way to bypass the queue was posted on cnet:

How to reset windows 7 admin password in 10 mins without any third party software.

I came across a situation today when I had a system(with critical data and softwares installed) and nobody knows the admin password of the system.

How I got into this situation is also interesting but here we are going to discuss the password issue only.


I did a little google around it and found most of the results were suggesting use of any third party tools.

It was an office system so I was restricted to not to use that and also at the same time I was dubious about their malware status.


I found an interesting post of

After reading that post I was not sure that’ll work or not because the post was not properly formatted  and instruction were not very clear and complete.


With the help of our net/system Admin  and Google I was able to reset the password of the machine.

It was a Windows 7 Machine

Below are the Steps I followed:

  1. Shut down the system and Remove the Boot HD from the system.
  2. Now attach that HD to another helper system (We used and Ubuntu Machine).
  3. Now go to Windows\system32 folder of that harddisk and rename UtilMan.exe to UtilMan_bkp.exe and copy CMD.exe as UtilMan.exe.
  4. Now shutdown the helper machine and remove the original HD and reattach that to original machine.
  5. Now after starting the original machine, on the login screen in left bottom corner locate  “Ease of access” icon similar to this
  6. Clicking that icon will launch a Command prompt.

This command prompt’ll have full administrative privileges. So now you can reset your password by running a couple of commands.

net user administrator new_password

In our case the Admin account got disabled so we executed this command also:

net user administrator /active:yes

Ideally it should work for Windows8 also…



Multiple Posts on twitter

Today suddenly twitter started showing single post multiple times. I think this was due some error their api. Because Every time whenever you send a request to post a message it returns you failure code 500 server error. So your twitter application app takes it as error and retries to post the message again. But actually the messages are posted on the twitter. So there happens multiple posting. duplicating frequency depends upon your twitter application how many time it retries to repost on error. In my case I was using twitter website so done it 20 time and @juniorbachchan is using ubertweet so the ubertweet might be retring 10 times. Some people(@chetan_bhagat) calls it agaenda to promote there(@juniorbachchan) movies(ravan). btw Cool idea but bug this time :).

Even he (@chetan_bhagat)  was doing multiple posts..


Hey It seems twitter is totally messed up today. Might be doing some updation(?? :))….

Not showing any tweets on individuals home page but showing on tweets in home page.

Propertywala in Wall Street Journal

Yesterday Prestigious Wall street Journal online published an article on Mukesh Ambani (8 Things Mukesh Ambani Can Buy This Year). In this article while mentioning 7 th thing(A 10-bedroom villa in Greater Kailash II Delhi) the author refers for price check. Beauty of SEO of Just enter the name of any locality name with city(not always)of india and one or two real-esate keyword in google search propertywala ‘ll there in the first 5 results, in most of the cases it ll be on the top.  I am sure that the author of the article searched for “10-bedroom villa in Greater Kailash II” and the first result suggests 10 bedroom Villa/Bungalow for Sale in Greater Kailash II, New Delhi (#1204141) ..

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jQuery checkbox (Extended)

I found a gud jquery Extender(plugin) on

It was pretty gud (both in ui and functionality) But was lacking in Installation and accessibility.

I have to add many files (CSS and Images ) in web application and they need to be in same folder. In my case the Images shud be in a folder and css in another. So in that case I have to make changes in css(to specify sprite root).

Also the accessibility of the new created wrapper was not gud. they were not accessible by keyboard and also not honoring “Title” attribute if specified . Now the New modified Plugin can do all these things.


  1. No need to add CSS files saparately
  2. Image root support
  3. More Accessibility : Using key board now u can change state by pressing enter or space bar
  4. More Accessibility : Title tags are now copied on the wrapper
  5. More Easy to use : just add three Images(checkbox.png,safari-checkbox.png,empty.png) in a folder. add JS in any folder and put the refresnce in top of the page and call the function like this

$('input:checkbox').checkbox({root: '/images/jqcheckbox/' });
$('input:checkbox').checkbox({cls: 'jquery-safari-checkbox',
empty: '/image2/empty.png',
cbPng: "/image1/checkbox.png",
cbSafariPng: "/image3/safari-checkbox.png"});

Download Js(jquery.checkbox.js (Modified))

Demo (CheckBox-Demo)

*The code is not fully tested yet. if you found any bug/ suggestion please comment .

———————–Update (april 13 2010)————————–

I have further Extended the plugin now it supports custom labels (Up to 4 chars)
$(' input:checkbox').checkbox({ root: '/jqcheckbox/', showText: true, onText: 'Show', offText: 'Hide'});

Demo is updated ;

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tweesaic: awesome

tweesaic (twee-say-ick) is a real-time photo mosaic generator that use images and tweets from Enter a search term in the toolbar, upload a file and watch it generate a customized image.

Here is my Creation

My original Photo

My original Photo

tweesaic Generated Image

tweesaic Generated Image

:p see the propertywala logo in image

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